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From the great outdoors to the comfort of your home, Chester's Wild Meats is the go-to for hunters who value quality & flavor

Harvest to Home: The Hunter's Choice 


From field dressing to the final cut, our skilled team ensures the highest quality. Check out our array of services to fit your needs!

Deer Processing 

Boneless Choice Cuts, Backstraps, 

Tenders and Burger all vacuum sealed

Mobile Slaughter

Professional meat processing directly to your location

Shop at the Hunters Pit

Check out our merch, spices & more!

15% off Discount for Veterans and First Responders

Thank you for your service!
Excludes Taxidermy 


Providing high-quality, lifelike preservation of trophies for hunters and collectors

Other Wild Game/Specialty Meats

We process a wide range of wild game and specialty meats, just reach out to us

about us

We are a family owned business that puts the "laughter" in "slaughter" because it's all about fun and good eats.


Grilling enthusiast and meat-cutting aficionado on a mission to bring farm-to-table delights to your plate! With a knack for personalized service and a commitment to quality, I'm here to make your grilling dreams come true. Let's meat and greet for a flavorful adventure together!


We specialize in expert meat cutting services for the Hunting and Farming community. With a deep understanding of Wild game and domestic animals, we provide top-quality processing, including various cuts, preservation, specialty meats and packaging. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every cut meets the highest standards, making us your go-to partner for all your hunting and farm-related meat processing needs.


At Chester’s Wild Meat we take integrity seriously – but not so seriously that we won't crack a joke or two. From our ethical farm-to-table practices to our honest customer interactions, we believe in doing things right. With us, you'll get a product or service that's not only top-notch but also served with a side of humor. Because who said integrity couldn't be fun?"

"Prompt and friendly service, but the product is worth more than 5 stars. Jerky, Brats, Snack sticks and Sausage! Not only does he post his team working on individual deer to show you get your animal, the taste of the end product is top shelf. The only place I would recommend and use."


Paul Hanley


Jalapeño  Bloody Mary  Sweet Maple Bacon 

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